About Duesey Cafe




The Legendary Duesenberg

Vintage automobiles aimed to combine luxury and style. One vehicle included looks, extravagance, and the workmanship of a Rolls Royce. It also enjoyed the amazing acceleration and the blinding top speed of a Bugatti. It was all about the legendary Duesenberg!

Duesenberg Motors Company (sometimes referred to as “Duesey”) was an American manufacturer of race cars and luxury automobiles. It was founded by brothers August and Frederick Duesenberg in 1913 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The two brothers were self-taught engineers and built their cars entirely by hand. In 1920 they build an automotive factory located in Indianapolis, near Indiana, home of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

A century later the Duesenberg remains a legend. Mr. Joe Lim Hun Beng, a classic cars lover bought over Duesenberg in 2010. He determined to revive the legendary American classic car company and brandname.

Delicious & Distinct Coffees

Duesey Coffee Roasters offer over various delicious & distinct coffees mainly from Yunnan Province (Pu’er, Baoshan and Dehong). The high altitude, mild climate, ample rains and fertile soil offer an ideal environment for cultivating these challenging crops.

These mountain areas, with their unique micro climate, are the perfect place to give birth to a coffee with a fruity fragrance, rich but not bitter, aromatic but not overwhelming. Quality will be able to maintain by sourcing direct from the farmers in Yunnan.

For a perfect blend, the Yunnan beans will be mixed with other coffee beans from the world’s premier growing regions in South and Central America, Africa and the Pacific Rim by our own award winning coffee roastmaster, a silver medalist of the 2015 Roast Master Championship organised by Toper in China.

From the bright and sweet to the full bodied and balanced, our selections are expertly roasted to highlight the natural characteristics of each particular coffee. A strong taste, a thicker smell and a few roasted beans makes for a different, distinctive taste. This made Duesey Coffee the best way to brighten life.

Stunning Duesey Chocolate

Duesey Chocolate continues and strikes for their traditions, quality and passion in chocolate making. Using only the very best, freshest ingredients and pride ourselves on being chocolate specialists. Chocolate pralines and truffles at Duesey are made using 100% couverture chocolates imported from Switzerland.

Whether it is Handcrafted or Machine Made, Duesey Chocolate will be produce with passion and love, each perfectly shaped chocolates looks gorgeous and taste absolutely stunning. Duesey Chocolate always surprise our lives with various chocolate gift types including anniversary gift, birthdays gift, engagement gift, good luck gift, wedding gift and etc.

Highest Quality of Mantinga

MANTINGA, a Lithuania (European Union Member) based company of frozen bakery and convenience food. Mantinga means home-scented bread, a small sweet-pie celebration, and delicious culinary ideas for snacks. It also means the most modern technologies of frozen pastry and snack production, manufacturing innovations, the most important certificates and flexibility; no compromise about the highest quality.

Mantinga strive to be the leader in the market of frozen bread and cake products not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Currently Mantinga is a modern and one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe, offering frozen bread and pastry products.

The fresh production is frozen right after being produced, that allows preserving its taste and smell. The shelf-life of fastfrozen products is up to 18 months. With its great technological knowledge, everlasting product innovations and flexibility enable Mantinga to meet the demands of customers.